Barack Obama Blew Off Troops According to Email Now Retracted by Captain Jeff Porter

Yesterday, I pointed out that it does not matter if Barack Obama actually did blow off the troops, as an email from Captain Jeffrey S. Porter reported to friends and family back home.

The email got onto the internet and spread like wildfire.

The point is not that the email is true. The point is that a lot of people who do not really even pay attention to politics were quick to believe the email was true because it plays directly into the narrative that Obama could care less about the war or the troops.

Some will view this news report from the New York Daily News as further proof that the email was true.

Captain Porter contacted the paper and asked that they delete his email. He wrote that the “email was meant only for my family.” He also said “[a]fter checking my sources, information that was put out in my email was wrong.” The New York Daily News notes

An Army officer familiar with the incident told The Mouth today that the writer is “devastated that the letter was made public. It was never his intention that it go beyond members of his family.”

Some people will view this as Captain Porter fibbing and needing to correct the record. I suspect a great many more will view this as proof positive that the story was true, but Captain Porter was pressured by superiors to claim it is not true.