The Carbon Credit Scam and the Democratic Convention

You’ve got to read this.

The eastern Colorado wind turbine tapped for the Democratic National Convention’s carbon-offset program has one problem: It doesn’t generate any electricity. Convention organizers are now being questioned for their eagerness to market those credits to delegates.The DNC has contracted with Vermont-based NativeEnergy to offer delegates “Green challenge” carbon offsets to soften the environmental impact of convention travel. That money is then invested in carbon-free “green” energy sources around the country, including a wind turbine installed this year by the Wray School District RD-2. But a Face The State investigation reveals the district’s turbine has never produced marketable energy due to massive equipment malfunctions.

The Democrats encouraged people to participate in carbon offsets. One of the programs listed was this wind turbine. It does not work. But, on the bright side, the school system is getting lots of money even though it cannot deliver its part of the offset.

Carbon offsets are a scam. They always have been. They always will be. This is just another example. But you know what? Let’s not be surprised. The Democratic Party is used to operating like a third world kleptocracy.