Is Don Young's Campaign Nearly Bankrupt?

I posted earlier that Don Young’s campaign made a huge mistake in airing an ad crediting Young with winning a taxpayer’s award he did not win. In fact, Taxpayers for Common Sense had given Young it’s Golden Fleece Award for ripping off taxpayers, not a “Hero the Taxpayers” award.

Here is where Young gets into trouble. He is struggle for money right now. Sean Parnell, with RedState’s help (along with the Club for Growth and others), outraised Young in the second quarter.

Likewise, according to Young’s reports on file with the FEC, half of Young’s campaign funds go to pay legal bills connected to the FBI corruption probe against him.

Don Young is, in fact, running out of money and there is still a month until the primary.

Let’s go back to the commercial. Because of his campaign’s mistake he’ll have to pay 150% of what he paid originally to get the mistake taken care of. Why? Because Shel Smith, the man who did the voiceover in the commercial, charges 1.5 times the union pay scale.

Well done, Don!