RedState Graphic Design Contest 3: Obama Ditches Wounded Troops For Shopping in Berlin


Here are the rules.

Here’s your prize for this one: a coffee mug from the RedState Store.

There is no starting picture here.

Here is the topic:

Barack Obama went to Germany and said to the German people he was not speaking as a candidate for office, but as a citizen of the world.

He then cancelled a trip to visit wounded soldiers at Landstuhl in favor of a shopping trip in Berlin. His excuse is that, contrary to what he told the press and public, he really was on a political trip and did not want to see the wounded troops as a result. Never mind that he mixed and mingled with the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Back during Katrina, the left photoshopped Bush playing guitar while New Orleans flooded and the victims cried.

Create a picture emphasizing Obama ditching the troops in favor of shopping in Berlin.

Put the picture in the comments (host it at Flickr or somewhere and show it in the comments). Remember in the comments it should be no more than 425 px wide.