Is it 57 states or 51 states?

The leaders of the reality based community just can’t seem to get a grip on reality. Obama thinks there are 57 states and now House Majority leader Steny Hoyer thinks there are 51 states.

From Hoyer’s Office comes this:

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) issued the following statement today after 51 state governors released a letter calling for the extension of renewable energy tax credits:

“Today, leaders of Congress received a letter signed by a bipartisan group of 51 state governors, urging us to extend tax credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency. ‘Extending tax incentives for energy efficiency and conservation,’ the governors wrote, ‘will slow the growth of future energy needs, minimize ratepayers costs, and lessen potential environmental impacts.’

“I couldn’t agree more. Alternative energy may not end the pain of $4 a gallon gas in the short term—but it is the only long-term solution to our energy crisis. And in the meantime, clean energy tax credits will create tens of thousands of American jobs.

He links to this (PDF) letter.. Apparently Puerto Rico has become one of the United States. I guess I need a new flag. Mine only has fifty stars on it.