Barack Obamessiah Goes To Berlin: Not Since 1939 Have So Many Germans Turned Out To Hear A Politician in Berlin

Barack Obama is set to speak at the Victory Column in Berlin. The Victory Column commemorates Germany’s last military victory over France and Austria in the last 1860’s – early 1870’s. From that link:

Berlin authorities say that as many as a million people could attend. Four TV stations are broadcasting the entire speech, and the rest are scrambling to secure prime locations at the site.

Originally, the column was in a different location, but Hitler moved it in 1939 to its present location. He too wanted a beautiful stage and backdrop in Berlin. I’ll refrain from pointing out the irony here.

Fast forward from 1939 to 2008 and Barack Obama will take the stage at the Victory Column. I’m sure Barack Obama is unperturbed by the military and Nazi history of the Victory Column and only recognizes it as being in U2’s video for “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)”.

But, okay, I can’t help myself, Barack Obama is using propaganda FILMED IN GERMANY MADE POSSIBLE BY THE NAZIS RELOCATING THE FREAKING STATUTE!!!!!!! to woo Americans to vote for him. He’s going to have freaking film crews there and the media to make sure the full emotional impact reaches back to the United States.

And why do this in Germany and not the Middle East? Because those rednecks in Pennsylvania and Michigan will not be so tipped off to see a mass of white folks applauding Obama as they would a mass of Arabs. And the rednecks won’t be able to tell the Germans from Americans.

So win-win for Obama. But again, I find it both ironic and amusing that Barack Obama is going to Germany and is using Germans in Berlin at a location Hitler himself set up for aesthetic purposes in order to woo American voters.

The man has no shame. He’ll say anything and do anything to get himself elected.

  • Oh, and it’s even more funny if he really did, as news reports are suggesting, use Hamas/Fatah for security while in Israel.
  • Oh, and you lefties who would point out Kennedy and Reagan at the Brandenburg gate fail to understand history. They were there on substantive matters in relations between the East and West during the Cold War. What purpose does Obama have other than campaigning for office and whipping up the crowd into a frenzy? He is not, after all, an elected world leader. Oh, and then there is the total number of attendees? Only half of Berlin was able to show up for Kennedy and Reagan.