The Potemkin Candidate Benefits From Leni Riefenstahl's Heir


In Israel, Barack Obama was twice given the chance to answer the question, “Can you ensure that there will be no second Holocaust?” Both times Obama declined to answer. The American media did nothing to engage Obama on the issue.

Obama has likewise stripped the American flag from the back of his new 757 in favor of his campaign logo. The American media has done nothing.

Obama, speaking at Israel’s Holocaust Memorial alluded to World War 2 by saying we stopped evil by “speak[ing] out in one voice.” First, that’s not true and second, he totally ignored the sacrifice of soldiers and sailors who were the people who actually stopped the evil not by speaking, but by fighting. The American media did not note this glaring omission.

Patrick Ruffini notes Obama is now on to Germany for a great propaganda show. He’ll have film makers there to shoot commercials for his campaign.

This event is supposed to not be a political event. Obama is, I would presume, subsidizing his travel with U.S. Senate funds and thus cannot really have a political trip. Nonetheless, Obama is passing out the poster above, attempting to use Germans as part of his propaganda.

No, Obama and his campaign are not the heirs of Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler’s propagandist.

It is more and more clear the media is the heir apparent.

Throughout Obama’s Middle East and European trip, the media has willingly participated in a show and orchestration of propaganda, passing out staged and orchestrated images of Barack Obama attempting to boost his image.

The media covers Obama as if he is President.

NBC refers to Obama’s trip as a “tour of duty.”

Most importantly, only Andrea Mitchell admits that what we are seeing is carefully staged. The scenes of Obama with the troops, the interviews, everything is phony. He is a potemkin candidate and the media is playing along.

Why is it that no other major members of the media have mentioned this?

Why is the media willing to give Obama a pass on his Berlin rally — not asking the tough questions about why his campaign is passing out fliers for people to attend a non-political speech?

Why? Because the media has become the self-appointed propaganda master for Barack Obama’s campaign. The media has become Leni Riefenstahl. Therein lies the danger. By becoming Obama’s propaganda master, the media is failing to ask the tough questions in its quest to do their candidate no harm.

And that is a disservice to the public. Of course the public already knows it. And that is the Achilles heel John McCain can exploit.