Will Barack Obama Use Islamofascist Terrorists For Security?

Yesterday I saw the World Net Daily article suggesting Islamofascist terrorist organizations, including the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, will be providing security for Obama in Palestinian territory.

Tony Blair, in a recent trip to Israel, cancelled a trip into Palestinian territory because the Palestinians intended that arrangement for him.

I did not blog this then because I tend to want other sources to back up what World Net Daily says. Today, I think it is safe to say the Obama campaign confirmed the story in an indirect way.

Major Garrett reports there is some squabbling over Obama’s speech in Berlin. Obama wants the press to treat him as if he is in the White House. The press will not. In the post, Garrett writes

he campaign deferred questions about Obama’s security arrangements in Ramallah. We should receive a more precise read-out on that tomorrow. Either Fatah or Hamas must coordinate security for this visit and that could complicate matters for Obama. Tony Blair recently canceled a trip to the territories over this and other issues.

Hmmm . . . will Barack Obama allow these organizations to provide him security? This could get very interesting.