Is Andrea Robinson Lying About Her Age or is the DNC Lying About Her Qualifications?

Here is the Rocky Mountain News’s profile of Andrea Robinson, the first Director of Sustainability & Greening for the DNC. In it, they note

On a sweltering Wednesday in June, Robinson, a *thirtysomething* who’s worked on environmental initiatives for the Clintons and Al Gore, already has switched off the power strips in her Denver apartment, walked to work, trotted down the 16th Street Mall to two meetings, declined a plastic foam container for her vegetarian lunch burrito (recyclable foil is preferred) and confessed to one sin: drinking her afternoon tea from a paper cup. Normally, she carries her own drink container.

Here is the DNC profile of Ms. Robinson. In it, the DNC writes

*With more than 25 years* in the environmental field, Ms. Robinson has a long history of greening large scale events, developing corporate sustainability practices, championing renewable energy, endangered species & habitat protection issues for political campaigns and creating waste diversion and reduction programs.

I’d submit that Ms. Robinson is either lying about her age, which is perfectly okay with me, or the DNC is lying about her 25 years of experience, unless we include junior high stuff in experience now. If so, I’ve got a resume to update.