President Calls Democrats' Bluff on Offshore Drilling

The Democrats are truly panicked and would no doubt be even more panicked if John McCain more vocally got on the GOP bandwagon over ANWR and drilling.

Today, President Bush called the Democrats’ bluff on energy and the response was both predictable and telling.

See here.

peaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called the move a “hoax,” while House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said, “It’s clear [the president] wants political ads, not answers.”In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) made it clear he will not allow a vote on an amendment that would do what Bush is advocating. Reid’s declaration drew a sharp rebuke from Senate Republicans.

Hoyer was only last week saying we needed to increase the supply of oil. That the President has now done this and Hoyer is balking is further evidence the Democrats actually do want an energy collapse.

The Democrats’ great canard is “use it or lose it,” the idea that oil companies must drill if they have leases to federal lands. It’s clear, however, in this environment, that the oil companies would be doing so if they could. The Democrats, however, have made it too burdensome, even in this environment, for the oil companies to do so.

Nancy Pelosi, proving she knows nothing about economics, is demanding the President take from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The problem with this, as has been demonstrated in the real world repeatedly, is that at some point that oil has to be replaced. That means the replacement oil will not make it into the free market thereby driving up costs yet again.

At some point the American people will put all of this together. The people, as a whole, have ample common sense. They will see two parties. One party wants to drill here and drill now. The other party obstructs every opportunity to get our oil while sitting passively by as China, Cuba, and others take it. The people will choose the party that wants to provide every choice in the battle to build domestic energy sources.