Our Launch Day Podcast With Mark Levin

When we kicked off RedState 2.0 back in August of 2006, I crossed my fingers, prayed hard, and emailed to see if Rush Limbaugh might do a launch day podcast with us.

He very graciously said yes.

Now we have a tradition: a radio host does a launch day podcast with us. It is set in stone now.

With RedState 3.0 officially launching today, I had to go in search of another huge radio celebrity to interview. Sure, I could have doubly prayed and doubly crossed fingers and tried to make Rush a tradition, but I actually wanted to make today’s launch day podcast guest the victim of my poor interview skills.

Mark Levin is terrific radio show host. He is witty, entertaining, and does not suffer fools. He also is an author of several great books. Mark also finds himself where many of our readers are — not all that excited about the options in 2008, but willing to wade through the tough choices and pick the candidate who is least likely to do serious harm to the nation.

We here at RedState appreciate Mark’s willingness to subject himself to my interview and hope it was not a terribly painful experience for him. We also highly recommend you track down Mark’s show and, if it is not in your area, demand that it be.

You can hear the whole podcast here.

or listen here: