Paul Broun Probably Should Not Have Gone There

There are some things best left unsaid, but I sure am impressed he was willing to be this blunt.

“It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t understand redemption and salvation and a changed life in accepting Jesus as lord and savior,” Broun said on WACG 90.7 FM in Augusta. “It’s not about religion but about a relationship with Jesus.”

“Paul is wrong on that,” Fleming replied in an interview scheduled to air Friday. “My Christian faith is the center of my life and I’ve tried not only to witness to other people in my life but I’ve tried to live a life as an example for others, and I’ll continue to do that.”

Broun often says Fleming is “bearing false witness” by attacking him, and credits God, not the voters of the Tenth District, with installing him in Congress. And you may recall that Broun’s wife Niki questioned Jim Whitehead’s Christian credentials in an e-mail that found its way onto the blogs last year. But if this doesn’t beat all, I don’t know what does.