Racist Idiots Vote Against Obama

It’s already begun, the excuses from the shrill left for yet another loss. Those that don’t vote for Obama are stupid racists! Folks that either can’t stand seeing a black man succeed or people too stupid to understand that Obama and the left know best. It’s pretty clear that so long as the Democratic party misunderstands their opponent, they will never win the Presidency. The left must figure out that those who vote against Obama do so because of his policies, his allies, and his background.

Barrack Obama, like his predecessors for the past two elections, comes from the far left of the political spectrum. All candidates believe the purpose of Government is to care for the people. To take from one class and give to another. These politicians believe in extremes, abortion in the birth canal, absolutely no private funding for education or retirement, and a complete ban on guns. Most Americans believe in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Polls clearly show that the plurality of citizens are okay with abortion until the fetus is viable but after that they should receive the same treatment as citizens outside the womb. These polls also clearly state that the plurality of voters want control over their children’s education and their retirement. The vast majority of people even believe it’s not only a constitutional right, but a G-d given right, to own guns for self defense. The Democratic party will lose, yet again, because they nominated another candidate who votes at the far edge of the political spectrum.

This year, unlike the past two elections, the chasm between the left and right grows larger due to two additional facets of the candidate. The first involves political confidantes and mentors. To say that the people who shaped Barrack Obama are left does not do justice to their political beliefs; these folks are out and out Socialists. Rather than go in to all of the relationships, as this article has neither the space nor time, let me mention just two, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers. As has been documented clearly, Jeremiah Wright is an anti-white, anti-American, anti-Jewish preacher in the same guise as Louis Farrakhan. All folks have a right to their own opinions and beliefs but when a person as vile as this has had a major role in the shaping of a presidential candidate, Americans must be extremely careful who to vote for. The Reverend preached to Barrack Obama twice a week for twenty years, he wed Barrack and Michelle, and baptized both of Obama’s Children. No one, with a straight face, can say this man did not have a major influence in the political and social beliefs of Obama. The second, a business partner, William Ayers, the man at whose house Barrack Obama launched his Illinois Senate race, bombed the US Capital in the 1960’s. This criminal never served time for a crime he freely admits to due to prosecutorial misconduct. William Ayers, to this day, states he did not do enough to fight the US Government. Neither ignorance nor racism leads folks to vote against Obama due to the company he keeps, honorable justification does.

To put the Democratic party even in more jeopardy for winning the White House, they nominated a candidate with extremely little experience. Experience does not matter to many; however, people need to know he has no executive experience, only a handful of years as a Senator in Illinois, and virtually no experience at the national level. Senators have a voice, a vote, they do not make the ultimate decision and almost never face accountability for their actions. As an Illinois Senator, all too often Mr. Obama could not make even choose which way to vote; over 125 times in his tenure he simply voted “present.” One may postulate he did so for fear that taking a stand, like his vote on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, would come back and show his extreme positions. On experience, no one can, with a straight face, say that Barrack Obama has four years experience in the US Senate, he’s run for the Presidency the entire time. Rather than admit these short comings, the shrill left just states only a racist fool would care about experience.

Just cause exists to vote against Barrack Obama. A vote against Obama does not point to stupidity or racism. A vote against Obama shows knowledge of the situation and strength to buck inevitable accusations from the shrill left. It’s just common sense that an intelligent voter who judges a man by the content of his character, and not the color of his skin, must vote against Barrack Obama.

Eric JefferyFairfax, [email protected]

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