Get ready for amnesty and more legal immigration.

First I’ll preface this  by disclosing that I’m running against John Boehner in Ohio and I’m largely challenging him on debt, economic issues and of course immigration. However the reason I’m doing this isn’t political it is simple common sense.

Have you noticed how lately the talk on amnesty has died down? That is by design. The GOP establishment didn’t want to poke that hornet’s nest while so close to all of these primaries. This has moved the issue off of the front pages of quite a few of the popular conservative news sites.

Once the establishment is secure in its position for the next two years the fight will begin with earnest. If we don’t make a bold statement now we aren’t going to get a second chance.

It is going to be really bad for all of us.

The problem is one of simple economics. When labor demand is low one cannot increase supply and expect anything other than falling wages and fewer jobs. This is the reason we need to secure our border, deport those who have entered illegally and reject any and all notions of amnesty.

We must also reduce legal immigration. Historically the United States government has had a period of assimilation after large rises in immigration. This is to allow for a period of assimilation. The left has used this as an attack on many conservatives. Assimilation is now considered politically incorrect. I believe the reason the right doesn’t defend itself is that those in position to do so are ignorant on what assimilation was intended to accomplish. Immigrants need not become Christians, members of the Rotary club or culturally identical to the masses. They must however integrate into the fabric of America. What this means is that they must integrate economically. They must divorce themselves from previous cultures of dependency and surrender to the state (a situation common to many immigrant in the past) and embrace the American identity of individualism and responsibility for self.

If we don’t allow for this period of assimilation we are flooded with millions of people who never properly transition from their old habit of relying on government to fix all of their problems.  This puts an unnecessary stress on the economy and those working and paying taxes to create the American dream for their children.

Today it gets even worse.

When the economy is bad immigration must slow or stop as well.

The current narrative of the Chamber of Commerce and many establishment Republicans is that we have a labor shortage in the tech industries. This is of course balderdash. Look at the help wanted ads and job websites. Yes, there are tech jobs available. And it may be true that filling those jobs is expensive. That’s because American citizens have put a lot of effort into acquiring those skills and expect to be compensated fairly. But this alone isn’t the only part of the equation. In the past intelligent business leaders knew that it fell on them to develop their work force internally.  Small businesses who cannot afford the attorney fees to process and H1B visa already do this. As the CEO of a computer programming company I have done this. One of the best programmers I hired was a young man with a degree in history. I hired him as an intern and paid him just $15 per hour. Within four years he left the company for more money. At the time I was paying him $60,000 per year.  This was a winning situation not just for him but for my company as well. But the greatest benefit was to the United States of America. We have a high dollar tax payer who is an American citizen! This person can now purchase a new car, a home, and raise a family.


And then we pile on with bad trade agreements.

I think another one of the great problems surrounding this issue is “free trade”. I do not believe in unfettered international trade. It is too easy for a nation to manipulate its currency to really understand if the trade is working to our benefit or not. This can take decades to sort itself out. The other issue is of course the rule of law in our trading partners. If Apple builds every single product in China, develops the software in India and the average wage of these workers if $500 per month they will eventually find out that this is not enough money to purchase the products they are making.

Now we are left operating at a deficit. We aren’t growing our own economy and we are just adding to the wage depression and killing labor demand. It is a recipe for  long term disaster.

The entire scope of immigration must be viewed through the prism of economic growth.

When we look at the issues of trade, immigration, monetary policy and even border security as independent and singularly focused we are destined to fail. These issues must be integrated into the larger scope of the economy.

In years past debate was cordial and informative. Recall the debate between Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley on the Carter’s intent to return control of the Panama canal.

The debate need not be contentious but it must be intelligent and structured. Only then can we get to the truth and ultimately derive the best path to growth. Big business and Wall street bankers would do well of themselves to realize that America is made up of American citizens. Economic growth does not mean that dividends and bank profits are growing while the middle class is shrinking. President Obama and the progressives would do well to remember that equalizing income is of no benefit if it simply means lowering the pay and living standard of the middle class to improve the lives of the lazy and the very wealthy.

The sense of urgency has noticeably waned in regards to these issues. My primary against Mr. Boehner is May 6th. Others are coming up as well. I beg of  you to get involved as this is a serious issue that will affect your life. Many cannot donate because of the current economic climate. I understand this completely. But you can work for these campaigns, spread the word and right your representatives. Any politician in Washington DC who is afraid to say “America first!” is a politician who does not understand his role.

Eric Gurr