Censoring the Conservatives

Headline number 1: Several media outlets are reporting that Lois Lerner, the embattled IRS official at the center of the targeting scandal, gave tax information to the FEC.

Headline number 2: In other news some in the GOP leadership are targeting conservative republicans in the upcoming 2014 primaries.
The GOP leadership has made itself quite clear. They believe that the conservative wing, led by liberty and tea party groups, has become too extreme. What are these extreme views? The conservatives in the GOP would like the government to spend only what it takes in, to lower taxes and regulation and stick to the constitution on issues like gun control. Those extremists also believe that it may not be a great idea to add millions of people to the labor pool through an amnesty program when unemployment is well above 7%.

The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS appears to have been a deliberate effort to damper the efforts of these groups to raise money prior to the 2012 elections. Not only were dozens of groups targeted but the message was loud and clear to all these groups. If you support conservatives the IRS may knock on your door. How many people decided it wasn’t a good idea to donate to the Tea Party, Liberty groups or other conservative aligned groups when this was going down? The truth is we’ll never know for sure. But any idiot can put the pieces together and would realize this cost the GOP (at least the conservatives) millions of dollars and probably many votes.
We also know that big business and Wall Street are working with the GOP to try to eliminate some of these conservatives from the party while buttressing the progressives in the GOP leadership and their supporters. It is no mystery why they are doing this. Big business will see a short term benefit from amnesty and the PRI program in the Senate immigration bill. Not only will wages go down but there is a second benefit to big business. Companies that fire United States citizens and hire recently legalized PRIS will receive a $5000 bonus courtesy the progressives in Washington D.C. This is because they will be exempt from not only providing health insurance to these immigrants, they also won’t have to pay the penalty which currently is $5000. The big businesses of course are going to pour millions into the coffers of the career politicians to make this happen. How these big businesses plan on making money a few years out is puzzling. Lower wages are only good if cost and prices are falling. Then the business can increase profit. Lower wages coupled with higher costs and prices simply translates into lower sales at lower margins. One would be hard pressed to find a worse idea for these businesses over a few years. Alas today short-term thinking is considered a virtue not only in D.C. but apparently on Wall Street as well.
Many conservatives at the grass roots level are wondering why Speaker Boehner, Senator McConnell and others in the leadership have not pushed the IRS scandal to the front. Perhaps now we know the reason. Censoring and suppressing the influence of Tea party groups, conservatives and other grass roots organizations will lower wages which will benefit Wall Street for a short period of time. In exchange these fine folks will stuff a few bills into the pockets of the career politicians and help them by supporting more “progressive” Republicans. At the end of the day those whacko-birds who believe you can’t print and spend money forever will be sent to the back of the line, or pushed out of Washington entirely.
In my challenge against John Boehner, Matt Bevin’s challenge against Mitch McConnell and other races around the country we are fighting not only the career incumbent but a growing alliance of money from interested groups in Wall Street. The fact that Lois Lerner and the IRS were on the same page fits nicely with their agenda. I think now we also understand why the tactics of Mr. Cruz  were so widely criticized by the leadership whilst the tactics inside the IRS at suppressing the conservative voice were not so important.
Unless some big changes happen in May I wouldn’t look for a serious investigation any time soon. If you want your voice heard you’re going to have to work against them just as hard as they are working against you. I would like to help you with that.

Eric Gurr

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