2014 mid-term elections are mission critical for conservatives

This may seem an odd statement at first glance. In 1994 a rejection of President Clinton’s health care reform resulted in a landslide victory for the GOP and a hard tack back to the center for Democrats. In 2010 we saw a similar reaction to Obamacare. By that time however the bill was already law and the House has been unable to uproot the damage. This is almost entirely the result of entrenched career politicians within the GOP. When John McCain went ballistic on Ted Cruz McConnell, Graham and a handful of others followed suit. In the House John Boehner failed to support Cruz and in the end the capitulation was complete.

The primaries are the time for the GOP to exercise their voice and return the GOP to the party of Reagan. Reading Shlaes excellent book on Coolidge one is hard pressed to ignore the parallels between then and now. In 1912 the Republican party was fighting progressives from the inside out. Some have argued that the same is true today. I think that may be an over simplification. The battle today is largely between recently elected conservatives and a rudderless but entrenched party leadership.
If the Tea Party and otherwise unattached conservatives unite behind a handful of strong primary challengers to the elected monarchy currently running the GOP we not only strengthen and unify the party but we put a better contrast forward in November.

By the time the elections are held in November it will be obvious to Republicans, Independents and even some middle class Democrats that Obamacare is an economic catastrophe. This is going to affect voters across a broad spectrum of ideologies.
I believe that it is not only possible, but very likely that a unified GOP with a strong conservative stance on economic issues will not only keep the House but likely take the Senate with a significant majority. Sixty seats is not likely, but 54 or more is within the realm of possibility.

The rub in all of this is that it is a two stage process. Efforts in the primary must be directed at seats the GOP will hold and seats that will send a strong message. In Kentucky a defeat of McConnell would be an impressive feather in the caps of the Tea Party. If we pull of a defeat of Boehner (Who I am challenging in the May primary) we send a message that cannot be ignored. If we win both of these races the combined strength may even bring the always unreliable McCain back in to the fold for a short time as he has expressed a desire to once again run for the Senate in Arizona in 2016.

If you are getting frustrated by the dark and stormy clouds havEdite faith. Those tiny golden rays of light poking through the breaks in the night are Reagan’s morning in America. We aren’t there yet but we can see the possibilities.
To make this happen you are going to have to work. Donate to real conservatives in areas that can make a real difference. If you think Eric Gurr is a long shot, contribute to the Bevin campaign. (As the aforementioned Gurr I would of course suggest you contribute to me as well!)
But just as important help to get the word out. Talk to people and let them know we have to work hard to preserve the American dream. Keep focused on the critical issues that we as conservatives agree on like; lower taxes, less regulation, smaller government, repeal of Obamacare and stopping the amnesty nonsense. If we work together we can not only purge the party of the career politicians we can also make a real difference in the lives of hard working Americans.

Last and perhaps most important. Let us not speak ill of other conservatives!

Eric Gurr 2014 Primary challenger to John Boehner