The Boehner Reid emails

If John Boehner worked under the covers with Reid to get the exemption for congress it means that the entire Republican base was played the fool.

The language to make congress subject to Obamacare was to force the Democrats to swallow a poison pill. If you’re going to pass this monstrosity then you have to feel the pain. Way back in May of this year we started to hear rumors that the Democrats were fishing for an exemption.  Factcheck.org “debunked the myth”.

We contacted the Office of Personnel Management and received this statement from an administration official: “Members of Congress will not receive anything that is not available to the public. The law doesn’t allow them to get insurance from FEHB, they are going to get insurance on the market place, just like uninsured individuals and small businesses.”

It gets even better.

Back in May Factcheck.org reported that the claim congress was going to be exempt was false From the article: So, why is the false “exempt” claim making the Facebook rounds?

Of course factcheck and others were wrong and there was an effort to get an exemption. We now know that it wasn’t just Reid and the Democrats but according to Reid, Boehner was in on it as well. So Reid’s office was flat out lying, but that should come as no surprise. What is surprising that Boehner was apparently trying to skirt the law as well by getting an exemption.

Does this explain why there is no drive on the part of the GOP leadership to at least enforce the law as it was written? I have been shocked that the GOP doesn’t push this obvious path. If you’re going to implement the law, implement the law as it was written and passed. No exemptions for anyone, including congress.

So now we have a law that;

  • anyone who can is trying to become exempt from (including those who wrote it).
  • Is plagued with “glitches” before the first person even visits a doctor
  • Is causing layoffs when unemployment is already at 7.5%
  • Has already exceeded the estimated cost.
  • And most remarkably, big insurance companies who wanted the mandate, are now pulling out!

This is why we need to stand firm.

Eric Gurr