My Brigitte Gabriel Interview, Part I

The other night, I conducted a Q&A interview with Brigitte Gabriel.  If you don’t know who she is than your really just not paying attention.  She is an NY Times bestselling author, as well as, the founder of Act! American Congress for Truth.  It is largest grassroots national security organization in the country.  In her words, they are striving to be the “NRA of National Security”.  In addition, she has been named one of the 50 most prominent speakers in America.  Her appearances on “Hannity” and “The O’Reilly Factor” have brought her and her organization to national status.

When it comes to terrorism, in my opinion (and many others), she is the leading expert.  She knows firsthand the terrors of radical Islam.  Read her biography by clicking here.  This link to her bio does not begin to explain the horrors that she has experienced.  I’ve only come to know them by reading her book “Because They Hate”.  I wish I can sum it up in a couple sentences but that would be impossible, in every sense of the word.

Before we hit on the hard issues, I had to thank her for the insight that she has provided me.  She responded by saying:

“Eric, you humble me with your words”, she went on to say that “My past is America’s future.  We in Lebanon did not pay attention.  We refused to read the writing on the wall.  Unfortunately, I see the same signs in America today.”

Side-note: One of the things that Lebanon did not pay attention to was their OPEN BORDER POLICY.  Sound familiar?

Moving forward….

A question that burns in the mind of many is why the likes of Brigitte are so dedicated and passionate about such political issues and others aren’t.  When I brought this up, she noted that the post-WWII generation has not seen tyranny therefore it is hard to see the warning signs.  They have a view of an unbeatable nation.  They don’t see how America can be destroyed from within.  She specifically said that we, as a people, are underestimating an enemy, who is present in our own homeland.  This brings me to CAIR (Counsel on American Islamic Relations).

Side-note: An Oregon college professor’s class, named “What is Islam?” was cancelled due to pressure from CAIR.  Read the full story here.

CAIR is an organization, in America, that has clear ties to the terror group known as Hamas.  Why hasn’t the connection been made by our citizens?

The answer that I have not heard from any other outlet is that the media is being shaped by the exploitation of the governments “Title 6” program, which was set up after WWII for foreign education purposes.  Millions of PETRO-dollars are being poured into American academia by Saudi Arabia (for the last 16 years).  She explained that these millions have funded left leaning Political Science Departments in OUR universities.  These are the same schools that produce our “highly educated” newscasters.  I gathered by her explanation that the opinion makers are brainwashed long before there are on our TV screens.  Brigitte noted that she is not surprised by the left wing media bias.  It’s quite clear what is happening, in her opinion.

Another reason is because, in her words, EVEN THE FBI has distanced themselves from CAIR.  They distanced themselves at the conclusion of the Holy Land Foundation terror trial where they were named as an “unindicted co-conspirator” of terror related activities.  The trial led to 108 guilty verdicts but did not press the Hamas-CAIR connection even though, by my research, the cards were there.

If the FBI isn’t going to do anything about it, I wondered what WE can do.  What kind of investigative techniques are available to us, in order to expose such groups?

Brigitte stressed EDUCATION.  She said that membership to her organization, ACT! American Congress for Truth, can help us.  They are the largest grass roots national security organization with over 160,000 members and 485 chapters. They are largely connected to the highest levels of the intelligence community.  Membership will include 4 emails a week, which is news and information that you will definitely not find anywhere else.  They are currently compiling the largest library on Islam/terrorism IN THE WORLD.

Brigitte also mentioned that Steven Emerson has done great work @ www.investigativeproject.org.

She noted that her organization’s motto is “Rising in defense of security, liberty, and values”, and that’s exactly what’s at stake, said Gabriel.

In addition, she noted that she works closely with many Tea Party members, being that in some instances they are chapter leaders of her organization.

Switching topics……

I was itching to find out what Brigitte’s take was on the Obama administration.  I went on to ask her if she thought that the Obama administration was sympathetic to organizations such as CAIR and the Islamic world, for that matter.  Her answer will be hard to hear (if you’re a liberal).

She explained that he is OF COURSE sympathetic toward Islam.  “After all, he was born into an Islamic family.  He was raised with a Muslim father and then step-father.”

Gabriel pointed out that his first interview to the Islam world was in itself concerning because he explained that half of his family are Muslims.  This is why he apologizes for America, said Brigitte.  Furthermore, the terrorists see his presidency as a 4-YEAR WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to accomplish their goals.

I will leave you with a quote from Brigitte:

“We are building the NRA of national security.  When our members roar, capital hill shakes.  I believe we have so much at stake, so much is on the line.  I believe we have little time to stop the encroachment of radical Islam.  We better act now before we become anything like Europe.  If Europe is any preview of what is coming to the United States, we should be shaking in our boots.”

Look out for part 2, which will feature her take on the terrorist beheadings of our citizens, TSA scanners, and the Quran’s law of abrogation.