Sharia University

Through high birth rates and funding to our top universities, Islam is slowly gaining ground in America.  This Christian nation is on a path to implosion….from within.  Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia are DIRECTLY influencing our young minds.  The millions of PETRO-dollars that are sent to them are blinding American universities.  It is truly shameful that hard working families are spending their life savings in order to send their child to these so called “prestigious” schools.

I ran into the following statistics in the book called, “Because They Hate” by Brigitte Gabriel.  The numbers are shocking:

1) More than $70 million Saudi Arabian dollars have been contributed to American universities

2) King Fahd donated $20 million to set up a Middle Eastern Studies Program at the University of Arkansas

3) UC Berkeley accepted $5 million from two sheiks who have ties to Al Qaeda

4) Harvard accepted $22 million

5) Georgetown accepted $28.1 million

6) Cornell received $11 million

7) MIT accepted $5 million

8) Texas A & M received $1.5 million

9) $5 million dollars went to both Columbia and Rutgers University.

10) Other institutions include: UC Santa Barbara, John Hopkins University, Rice University, American University, University of Chicago, USC, UCLA, Duke University, Syracuse University, Howard University

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a parent and read the list above.  Let’s not forget, Saudi Arabia is a nation that openly rules with Sharia Law.  This is the type of government that our schools are implicitly endorsing by accepting their money.

Sharia governments, such as Saudi Arabia, are buying their way into the minds of our future and we are watching it happen