Is It Too Late?

Is it too late for America?  Has our time passed?  The answer is no, its not too late, as long as we act NOW.  What is needed (at the federal level) is austerity, SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM, repeal of Obama-care, and a return of the unused TARP money.  Not to mention a federal hiring freeze and maybe some incentives for our companies to invest in America.  If it sounds like a lot, IT IS! We need all of these things and WE NEED IT TO HAPPEN RIGHT AWAY!  Of course, we have other major pressing problems (i.e. terrorism, immigration) but those could only be dealt with if we have a healthy and normal functioning economy.  Just the talk of only one of the above issues would send a flood of money back into the stock market.That is where the true problem lies, our politicians are not even talking about them, any talk I have heard is just that….TALK…no actions involved.  It’s almost comical….I’m actually not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Austerity is needed because our spending and large national debt is out of control.  Haven’t you seen the digital banner in Time Square ?(it shows our national debt is rising by the second)

Lets put that in perspective.  What happens to you if you charge everything and don’t have the money to pay for it?  Eventually, your credit card interest alone will bankrupt you.  American has the SAME problem.  There’s only about 50 trillion dollars in the global economy and our debt is upwards of 13 trillion.  That’s about 26%.   Scary.

Social Security was in CAPS is the first paragraph.  It was capitalized because it comprises about 2/3rds of our budget.

Logically, this would be the best place to start.  It is not a fun topic, I get it, but it is our biggest economic problem.

It’s a government sponsored Ponzi scheme.  Madoff’s got nothing on Social Security.

What can we do?  How about private savings accounts…like W tried to push?  Whatever the solution is, I’m not very happy when I see the FICA (Social Security) withheld from my paycheck AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE EITHER.  Especially when we know how bankrupt the system is.

Next, lets repeal the monstrosity that is Obama-care, while returning our hard earned cash that is sitting (mostly unused) in the TARP fund.

For all we know, TARP could be just another political slush fund.

Could you imagine how the markets would react to the return of a couple hundred billion of printed currency?  It’s never seen such a thing and unfortunately it never will….in my humble opinion.

The question is, “Do we believe the people in power will act on the issues stated above?”  No, I personally don’t.  That’s why 2012 will truly be OUR LAST STAND.  That will be our last chance at getting principled people in power.

Hopefully, we forget about political experience and focus on personal principles.

Historically, we have followed the trends of Europe.  We have adopted European liberalism, fashion trends, and healthcare.  Does this mean that austerity is on the way?  Will it be followed by civil unrest?