Obama The False Messiah Lies About Gifford Opening Her Eyes For The First Time

During last night’s memorial in Arizona for the dead and wounded, Barack Obama claimed that Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes for the very first time moments after he had left her bedside.  Of course, the audience cheered with the revelation, and Obama beamed in response.

There’s a bit of a hiccup to this story.  This morning as I listened to talk radio, I learned that The Sonoran Chronicle had published a story over the weekend, well before the memorial service, in which a doctor mentioned that Giffords could open her eyes and respond in other ways.  However, doctors were keeping her heavily sedated to control swelling of the brain.  I Googled the internet to search for that or any other article on this, and simply used the keywords “giffords eyes open sonoran”.  Google immediately returned a link to The Sonoran Chronicle, but when I clicked it, the article had indeed been scrubbed from the newspaper’s website.

This certainly gives the appearance that Obama’s miraculous revelation to the audience was staged to enhance his image.

Someone’s got some ‘splainin to do!