Google Censorship to Protect Obama, Again?

I run a conservative blog (Jefferson’s Rebels), and publish something almost daily.  Sometimes after upload, I will Google some of the articles or graphics to test the search engine.  For all those I have tested, which does not represent every upload, every article and every graphic image has appeared in the search engine–with two glaring exceptions regarding Obama.

A few weeks ago, I went to a Google webmaster forum to ask about the first missing set of images. A fan of Obama’s gave me a not-unexpected sarcastic answer suggesting the images were purposely censored.  A few days later, the images showed up in first place in the search results as they should have initially.

Yesterday I posted another article titled “Obama is a Coward!”.  The accompanying graphic has the same title.  As usual, I tested the search engine for the web and images after upload, and neither the article nor the graphic showed up. This morning I repeated the test, and got the same negative result.

Since I uploaded three additional articles the same day, I tested those titles as well: “Frosties Protest Global Warming”, “Say “No” to Black Genocide by Abortion”, and “Right-to-Work Members Oppose Cadillac Tax on Health Care”.  Each of those articles appears, but again, “Obama is a Coward” does not appear.  When I couldn’t get the article or image to appear, I uploaded the “Obama is a Coward” image to Scribd.  That pdf image now DOES appear in the search results.  Other people’s blog articles and images appear using the keywords “Obama is a coward”.  Only mine is missing from the search results.

Both the image uploaded yesterday, and the images previously blocked on Google, address Obama’s eligibility based on his dual citizenship status with the UK through his father, and the definition of an Article II, Sec. 1 “natural born Citizen”.  Whether or not readers agree with the topic, it should concern everyone if Google is actively blocking free speech to protect Obama.

Can anyone give me a logical, technical explanation for these two events?  If not, we either have rogue Google employees or a company policy that cherrypicks certain keywords, or more likely, certain websites?

If there is no logical explanation for this happening, my next article will likely be an open letter to Google. I’m hoping someone with IT experience can tell me if there is any way to undo the apparent censorship, if indeed that’s what it is.