A Budding Conservative's Plea

I am a new conservative, a young surgeon who, over the course of many years of grueling surgical education, has received a crash course in the triple evils of over-regulation, confiscatory taxation, and lawsuits run amok. Born a liberal, I voted strictly party lines right through 2004. Then came the Awakening. I have all of the pretty credentials and Ivy-League degrees on my wall, but I later learned that these were false badges of education.

I graduated from Yale 14 years ago versed in Derrida, Mackinnon, and Friedan, but with no knowledge of Burke, Sowell, or Hayek.  As a young woman there I wore my black turtleneck and drank espresso with my friends, burdened as we were by the heaviness of our existential angst.  What a joke.  It was not until years later that I realized that I (and my parents) had been had. Like the Founders I have sought to educate myself. And the truths I have discovered since that time have been liberating, inspiring, a true epiphany.

I like Sarah Palin. I embrace her truth-to-power moxie and unwavering advocacy of the core values. Like many I have had doubts about her 2012 viability and likewise found the subject annoying. I consider the era of Obama to be nothing short of a national political emergency.  2010 must be the focus now.  And it is in 2010 where she can be the most help.  This is all that matters in this moment.

I discovered this site after the election, when Erick Erickson launched his Operation Leper initiative. I am impressed with the site and have recommended it to many friends. But I find the recent attacks on Governor Palin depressing. And I don’t think I am alone.   The new moniker is silly: “She Who Must Not Be Named?”  Who comes up with this sort of petty nonsense?

Sarah Palin brings many burgeoning conservatives with her. Isn’t that what we want? Like me, many of her supporters report never having attended a political rally before taking the trip to one of hers. Like so many of you I have given to Rubio, Toomey, Simcox, and others. I gave to Tedisco. Prior to this year I had never supported any candidate financially.

What we want is more converts, more money, more votes, more support. What we want is liberty, freedom, prosperity, and security. Everyone here is smart, well-informed, and far better educated on the issues of the day than the Ivy’d elite. But we become no better than they when we close ranks on one of our own, belittle her personally, and ridicule her supporters, many of whom are new to our cause, the very cause we purport to hold so dear.

Instead of crying “Palinbot” or “Bot” or “Palin-head,” wouldn’t it be more constructive to offer something more like: “I see you’re new here… welcome!”

Is RedState becoming its own little enclave of conservative cognoscenti? Please “say it ain’t so.” I love this site.


Equitare, MD