Liberal Antagonist Have Awaken a Vibrant Young Conservative Patriot

I know a lot of local folks especially those with the Valdosta Tea Party group have been following the story of Ashleigh Kenny. She is the person that has been blasted by the left internet trolls for giving a shirt to Jack Kingston at his Health Care meeting at the beginning of August. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Ashleigh and I can tell you first hand that she is anything but unpatriotic and the other nasty things the Internet trolls are trying to pose her as.

I believe these people trying to smear her are very dumbfounded at the fact someone her age would stand up against socialism or the liberals. The democrats are the technologically hip party that EVERY young person wants to be apart of? So what the in the world is up with Ashleigh being a young conservative? My answer is very simple, she is involved, active and educating herself.

Once you get involved and active into the politics that is deciding your future you start to formulate your personal opinion on how you want your life to be in this country. You learn what is REALLY going on. Ashleigh like many conservatives is very concerned for her future and the well being of other young Americans that are seeing their constitutional rights being trampled on. The only thing you can do when this happens is start using the those very rights. Starting with the 1st Amendment, the freedom of speech. Her actions to wear a t-shirt and give one to Jack Kingston are at the crux of that Bill of Right(s) that many Americans take for granted and don’t use. Why blame her for taking the initiative to be a REAL citizen of this country and exercise those rights? The liberals are quick to jump at the conservatives for saying something, but not many people from the conservative side are quick to return the favor. Of course this is from what I’ve seen and my own personal opinion.

What these liberals have done is awaken a vibrant young conservative patriot that is even more energized about her cause to wake up the youth of America to what is REALLY happening in our country. A simple act blown out of proportion that probably would have been forgotten in a day or so, has now become a source of strength for a new young political activist and those around her. A word and message that has now started to morph and grow into not just her life, but into the minds and hearts of her local supports and spreading to a national level.

Today she did an interview with Frank Barnes on The Morning Drive at 105.9. If you were fortunate to listen to this interview, you would be thoroughly impressed with the demeanor and way Ashleigh handled herself. For only being a junior at Valdosta State University, she answered some pretty important questions about her political views. The initial one was Frank asking her if she was doing this to turn a profit and be a capitalist, to which Ashleigh responded that she wanted to get the word out and didn’t care for making a ton of money on the shirts. *FYI the shirts are $12.00, so you can tell she isn’t out for the money.

The message she tried to convey during the interview was the liberal Internet trolls said some unbelievable things, but she isn’t letting it get her down. It has also made her realize she needs to continue to get the message out to the young Americans. Especially to the conservatives that don’t think there are many like her out there. Which believe it or not, there are young conservatives! Conservatism is not tied to just our older generation. It’s instilled into the core of our younger generation from the older generation of Americans. Some may feel like they have no other outlets to discuss politics and singled out with liberal friends.

The message: You’re not alone. Get out, get active and show yourself so you can be united with other like minded conservatives! Take the step, start talking with everyone. Get the dialogue going with the other side, find out why they believe. Not to sound like the Matrix, but open your mind and take the jump. Get out from the imprisonment of the main stream media and educate yourself. Don’t let yourself be indoctrinated by those that want to control what you think. Start believing in yourself and your decisions! Make your future in this country and help steer it into the direction you want, because this is our future!

If you want to help get the word out, please contact media outlets such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Local TV and Radio Stations, blog or talk to your friends and family.

Want to buy a shirt? Contact Ashleigh.

The photo that started it all.