I love Romney's new message

Mitt Romney just released his new book, which discusses ways to revive America’s greatness, and he has been making appearances on the TV circuit.

Romney discussed the “temptations of populism,” which is something that has become too prevalent in the GOP and is a worrisome trend. Far too many republicans are scornful of people who went to elite universities and live in places like manhattan, boston, san francisco. They are so willing to reject intellectualism that they embrace ignorance as a virtue and flock to politicians like Sarah Palin, who don’t know much but come across as “authentic.”

Of course, conservatives have legitimate complains against ivy league institutions, since they have become the de facto incubators of modern liberalism. But this does not mean that we should shy away from the importance of knowledge and rigorous intellectual analysis of various policy issues.

I think both Mitt Romney and Mitch Daniels are solid fiscal conservatives who are highly intelligent and successful. We need more people like them in the GOP.