McCain's real problem

I think McCain’s biggest problem is not his campaign staff or even the financial crisis. Rather, it’s his lack of authentic conservative principles on a number of issues. His entire campaign is built on his biography, record of service, and a clarion call for putting country first. I’m afraid that unless he shifts course drastically, he will lose on November 4th.

In an election year when the democrats nominated the most radical presidential candidate in U.S. history, McCain is acting like barney fife. He is unable to articulate bold conservative principles like Reagan on taxes and role of government, or even Bush on the war on terror. The GOP base could have nominated Rudy, a man who used conservative principles to revive NYC after three decades of liberal mismanagement, or Romney, a smart conservative ex-businessman. Rather, they rejected those men because of single issues like abortion or mormonism.

I sincerely wish McCain prevails and hopes that he wakes up and smells the coffee. But if he loses, I think the GOP also needs to reassess itself.