Coercion tax, Command Tax, Blackmail Tax, Non-cooperation tax, Non-participation tax, Non-consumption tax, Inverse Sales Tax

What sort of taxes can be interpreted from the Obamacare ruling by politicians.

Tax for being fat instead of skinny?
Tax for not being in the military?
Tax for not going to college?
Direct tax on consumer for buying foreign instead of domestic.
 Tax for not buying vegetables during a visit to a supermarket.
Tax for not having a gym membership. 


I think the Obamacare ruling may give Democrats creative ideas.  I can see the light bulbs still flashing over the heads of Democrats in California.  They can adapt this form of reasoning.

You don’t just have to tax soda makers… you can tax consumers for not buying healthy or buying one thing over another.  Get healthy tax waived by supporting organic products.  Show up to the store to buy batteries… take a 5 cent hit for not buying a healthy snack.  

Double, triple dip direct consumption taxes and non-consumption taxes.

What do you guys think?