Will Romney reach out evangelicals and social conservatives? Will his Mormon supporters try to reach out to them on his behalf?

I think Romney is plagued by an image of his past relationships with east coast liberals.

If it weren’t for him claiming to to the left of Ted Kennedy or appearing hold hands with left wingers, he’d could nudge the religious right into supporting him openly.

– he’s a former missionary.
– he gives millions of dollars to his Church, who in turn has used that money to fight left wing activism
– if he’s a religious Mormon it is very likely he doesn’t smoke, drink, or even use any form of recreational drug


I find it amusing  he won’t speak the language  of the religious to religious people, despite being a former missionary.  Why doesn’t he talk about what he has in common with Catholics, Protestants, and evangelicals?

Why doesn’t he go for portraying himself as a “Mormon Tebow” amongst  social conservatives?  He doesn’t have to be loud about his faith or anything, he just needs to prove he’s not as liberal as he is painted out to be.  He’s not Bill Maher… he’s not part of the Hollywood liberal crowd.  I don’t think he’s  Harry Reid, either.

A lot of conservatives think he stands for nothing.  He should at least be open about his faith and how it is a part of his life… to show he actually believes in something.