will the real democrat party please stand up

Will the real Democratic Party Please Stand Up

If you trace back the Democratic Party to Thomas Jefferson, you will see that it has never been a party based on a belief in God. In fact it has always trumpeted the humanist philosophy. Jefferson showed this when he published his own bible with all the miracles cut out. This philosophy says there really is no God. Man is the most powerful and important being on the planet and therefore we are in essence god. This is the religion of atheism. It is a religion of self above all else. In so being we the gods of this world get to make the rules and what ever we say is right, is right. Therefore it should not surprise you when the Democratic (humanist) party supports, abortion, socialism, homosexuality, the government as god. This is the governing beliefs of the Democratic party and its leaders the rich New England families, the labor unions, the media, the Hollywood elite, and many academics. It is not necessarily the way many of the party members believe, the working men and women of America who thought the party believed as they do. However, these same people have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the leaders, they have been convinced that they must believe the same way or vote their pocketbook over their principal. We have been told by the media and the academics that we must believe this way or we are bigoted, or narrow minded fools. If we as Americans allow ourselves to be manipulated by the media and the socialist left in America we will become the United Socialist States of America. We will succumb to their religion (for that is what it is) and we will loose the very freedoms we fought so hard for. We will be enslaved by our own selfishness, and our government. We will exchange the stars of our flag for a hammer and sickle of socialism. Our inventors will no longer invent, for there will be no reason to, as the government will take the profits from the inventors. People will no longer want to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc for there will be no incentive, accept to excel to the mediocre.

This is the society that says if my newly conceived child is in the way of my career or goals then I can abort. If my child is a downs child or a child with a disability I must abort for the good of society. If my parent is old and infirm, or terminally ill I must for the good of society end their life, they say with dignity I say murder. This is the society that says I owe all to the government and I only deserve what the government will give me. There is no freedom in that. This is the government that says we will teach your children what they need to know and you have no say. This is the government that says you cannot preach your faith if it conflicts with the government position. This is the government that says the will of the people is the will of the people in the big cities and no one else counts. Be prepared for change is coming and it’s not change for freedom.

This is the party that has made science it’s oracle of hope. They have pinned their hopes on the promise of a continuous stream of scientific advancements that will cure disease, and find answers to the energy crisis, etc… They have become so convinced of this that they have sold their soul to science not realizing that science cares nothing for man or humanity if it gets in the way of science. For their god is knowledge. Knowledge at any cost no matter who it hurts. It is a might makes right mentality that has strength as the only criteria for its ethics. The ethics of the atheists is what is good for me at the time. There is no standard, there is no foundation.