Missing a major point

The POTUS and the pundits are missing a major point. Not only was the election a repudiation of the President’s and Democrat’s policies it was a repudiation of their tactics. Voters are angry about the policies and about the spending and about the lack of jobs but forgive me if I SHOUT – ITS NOT JUST ABOUT JOBS. We are not that single minded or self centered. This voter is furious about the process used. The deceit, secrecy, vote buying, the size of the bills used to hide clauses that had no relevancy to the bill at hand, all of this smacked of a planned and measured attack on the freedom of Americans with very long term consequences. We now know that there was trap door wording hidden in the stimulus bill to implement portions of the health care legislation. All of this has been done for years in so many pieces of legislation that we may never find all of the clauses that will eventually allow the enemies of freedom to take our freedom away and put us under the control of the atheist, eugenic, scientific liberal community of the left. The goal of this current administration is to now attempt to control the people of America by regulation, by back door maneuvers or via activist judges so that they will eventually change the concept of government by the people to a government by the liberal left and we will have no legal free voice. Never has a congress or a President been so deceitful or so conspiratorial with his party against the general American public. Why would they do this, because they hate the process that provides so many checks and balances against their efforts. You see its more than jobs and the economy it’s about the process that guarantees our voice is heard and our rights protected. If you ride roughshod over the process you ride roughshod over the people. You cheat the people from their voice. And this was done so blatantly and with such a heavy hand that the American people realized that the Democratic congress could not be trusted. They locked out the Republicans from the process, refused to listen to the people and did in secret from behind closed doors what should have been done in the public square and we are furious. Secrecy comes in many forms, closed door meetings, bills of impossible length that are designed to conceal as much as they are to reveal, back room threats, and other efforts to push through legislation that is an abomination to the process and the people. The Democratic party leaders have proved that they cannot be trusted for they violated the sacred trust of the people.  that violation must stop NOW.