Why were angry Mr. President

In a recent article in the Orange County Register the President stated that he believed Americans were angry with Muslims because of the economy.  Again the President displays his ignorance of the American people and his disconnection with the average American.  We are not angry with Muslims because of the economy.  We are angry with Muslims because of their silent tacit approval of Radical Islamic terrorism.  Why do I say this?  Let us examine recent events.  In the news a pastor of a small 30 member church proposed to publicly burn a Koran.  The very small relatively insignificant pastor caused an international storm that was used to incite riots, protests, flag burnings, and other symbols of anti-American sentiment throughout the Islamic world.  There was no proposal to send suicide bombers; there was no recruiting of or training of suicide bombers just a symbolic protest.  He was wrong in trying to do this and he was openly and publicly condemned by both secular and Christian leaders around the world.  Let me compare this to an Islamic protest where a young man is loaded with explosives and detonates himself in a public square killing people indiscriminately.  In the West we are appalled yet we see no denunciation from Muslim leaders we see no press releases being sent condemning these acts.  What do we see, Muslims throughout the Middle East celebrating in the streets.  When Sadam Hussein fell in Baghdad did we see Americans dancing in the streets, no we saw Iraqis dancing.  We over through Sadam not because he was Muslim, his religious belief was of no importance to us. He was overthrown because he was a bully, a mass murderer, a destabilizing fascist who threatened the world.  If Islam is truly a religion of peace as its adherents try to tell us then they need to demonstrate it.  When a terrorist blows up we need to see the protests in the streets, we need to see earnest, honest denunciations by Muslim leaders we need to see the Imums speaking out publicly condemning this kind of action.  But what do we hear and see, silence, no words, no actions.  Now you can’t tell me that they are not able to make such statements or stage such protests.   When a small pastor threatens to burn a Koran they are able to turn out thousands to scream in the streets.  In the West we have a belief that if you disagree with something you must speak up.  To be silent is to approve (tacit approval).  While this may not be the tradition of the Middle East it is our tradition and if Muslims are to convince the West of their belief in peace we must see strong, consistent, honest and sincere denunciation of each and every terrorist act, including the beatings of non-Muslims for not dressing or complying with their traditions in non-Muslim countries.  We need to see them help in tracking down and closing the terrorism camps, the extremist enforcement squads, the evil Imums that call for violence.  When was the last time you saw a Christian suicide bomber, or a Christian squad that beat non-Christians for their dress, or conduct.  When Christians enter a country their only weapon is a bible, reason, logic, love, and a voice.  Yet they are not met with reason, but with violence, there is no discourse but only violent epithets and name calling.  This is even the case in America where there is no discourse between atheists and Christians.  Not in science, not in philosophy not in social direction.
So Mr. President, why are we angry with Muslims the above might give you a clue if you choose to listen.

PS:  And by the way Mr President, this writer is angry with most European governments as well for letting the situation get out of hand again in their own countries and failing to do any thing about it.  All we hear from them is condemnation of the United States because the US public is not as stupid as they are, and we are now beginning to stand up and say something (maybe too late).  We must remember we are not Europe, we do not want to be Europe and the whole premise of our creation and existence was to be something other than and different from Europe.  We are America not New Europe.  And if the European nations don’t like that to bad.  Now my friends in Europe don’t judge us by your standards because as far as I can see your standards or lack there in stink and now your have your enemy living in your midst and to remove them will be like having cancer surgery.  The question is will the patient survive.