And the media blitz expands

Today I saw for the first time in California the new ad campaign for the public option.  Proclaiming that the insurance companies have statewide monopolies in 49 states.  The liberal congresses answer to this is “THE PUBLIC OPTION” as if there is no other solution.  Let the government be the competition.  What a farce.  If as they say this is true then why don’t they use the anti-monopoly legislation we have to break these monopolies and bring competition back to these states.  The state rules that prohibit out of state competition need to be broken and interstate insurance needs to be implemented.  But this is a capitalistic solution and the left refuses to go this way.  Their only answer is a government answer.  But the government is not our friend.  An all seeing all powerful government cannot provide the solution effectively, efficiently or compassionately.   We the people must get involved in our government, in the people we elect, in the standards we demand of them.  The same is true for the standards we demand of the press.  No more humanist Ivy-League-eggheads and Hollywood press spokesholes.

The humanist press demands the exile of God and all things,  this is backed by the Hollywood God-haters, and the science-is-my-god members of the scientific community not to mention the environmental community that bow’s down to mother earth and father sky.  All of these anti-freedom anti-god groups want one thing, government to own operate and control all things except their industry.  What the god-hating Hollywoodites don’t see is that eventually they will be a government controlled propaganda machine (or are they already).  Here’s to goose stepping Joel Grey if we follow their way, life will be a Maoist Cabaret and we the God fearing conservatives will be either dead, in hiding, or in jail.

Defeat Obamacare, Cap-n-Trade, runaway spending and the democratic congress. Make The election year of 2010 a new year of independence.