A poison framework for America

In another entry I spoke of poison pill and perfume pill legislation.  Briefly poison pill legislation is the placement of language in a bill you want killed to ensure that no one will vote for it.  Then you use the defeat of the bill against your opponent citing only the good that could have come from it.  Perfume pill legislation is where you insert some item that will buy your opponents votes to get the bill passed.  The Obama Health Care legislation will in the end carry both of these pills.  Some of the most onerous clauses will be struck to make it look like the Democrats are listening. But in the end if it passes what will exist is a framework for the socialization of all of Americas Health care.  Maybe not now or this year but bit by bit each horrid piece will be slipped in by this vile process.  Suppose you want your funding bill passed to pay for better military equipment fine then the Democrats will insert their end-of-life counseling clauses into the bill.  You either pass what they want or kill your military funding bill.  And so it goes year after year, federal abortions on demand, mandatory abortions of Downs children, euthanasia of the elderly, etc.  If you don’t think this happens research the records.  In over 1000 pages of legislation rushed through without reading we are giving away the bank as part of the recovery legislation and no one read it.  Senators and Members of the House are not reading this either.  Even if they did few would be able to follow it.  Years ago the CIA secured funding for a new building by hiding the appropriations in a wide variety of bills.  No one knew it until the CIA moved in.
In years past I have been called on to read and analyze state legislation of far less complexity and I can tell you that unless you are completely familiar with all the legislation impacted by even a simple bill there is no way to determine how far the legislation can reach and the changes it can cause.  How many times have we heard that congress or state legislatures have had to rush new legislation through because of unintended consequences of an earlier law?
We do not need this legislation.  It is the wrong approach, and it will never be the correct approach.