To Serve Americans

To Serve Americans

Listening to the Democrat-Obama health care plan has brought to mind the line from the old Twilight Zone where the aliens land and proclaim that if we will trust them they will solve the problems of famine, war, disease etc. They hold a book who’s title is eventually translated “To Serve Man.” The world figures out that this is no noble book but a cook book and man is the main entree.

So to is the current health care plan it will serve up American freedoms to an overreaching federal government and there will be no turning back. The cry from the White House is that too many Americans have no insurance and it’s killing the system that provides for the rest of us. Their only solution is to push all of us into what amounts to the VA hospitals, for as time passes all Americans will be in this plan and therefore all hospitals and doctors as well. In Los Angeles we had a taste of what an ObamaCare hospital will be like, they called it Martin Luther King Drew Medical Center and it was killing people. So poor was the care that the County closed the hospital. It’s been closed over a year now and no one has come to its rescue.

If people don’t like insurance companies dictating their care what will it be like when a former DMV clerk or disgruntled federal employee starts dictating their care. No let it never be. The federal government can’t manage what it has now effectively. How will it manage a program that will increase its responsibility by another huge percentage? It can’t, by the very nature and size of the program it can’t be managed. So what do we do? Fix what we have. Don’t throw out the whole system just because less than 10% of us aren’t served. But how do we fix it? Here are some ideas just ideas to stimulate thought:

1. Do what we can do to create more and better medical professionals and thus increase competition.
a. Work with the medical schools to create a means to finance medical education for American citizens that will not leave doctors, nurses, and medical technicians with insurmountable debt upon leaving school.
b. In return for the special funding require the graduates to serve in areas that are under-served and in need of family practice doctors

2. Reform the medical liability system. Make it possible for doctors to do their jobs in a thorough and complete manner without the fear of losing everything in a single frivolous lawsuit. Doctors are people and medicine is as much an art as it is a science. We need to realize that doctors are people and imperfect. We need to help them have the time and support, the checks and balances to ensure as much perfection as is possible and reasonable.

3. Reward the investment community for investment in hospitals, medical research, and medical service to the under-served by providing tax breaks for facilities built and maintained in areas where service is lacking.
4. Limit the impact of illegal immigrants on the health care system. In California illegal immigrants have created a tremendous drag on the health care and welfare system.
5. Work with the general insurance system to eliminate monopolized markets
6. Increase competition by establishing insurance cooperatives for individuals that are self employed or employed by small business.

If we can send a man to the moon, build the finest airliners in the world, design and manufacture some of the highest technology imaginable surely we can find an answer to rising health care costs without turning it over to the government and creating a mismanaged form of VA medical system on steroids

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