Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it.

Weather you believe this as history as I do or as a fable it is still sound judgment
There was a new king in his kingdom about to be crowned as his father had just died.  The assembly of elders gathered together and spoke thus.  Your father put a heavy tax on us.  If you will lighten the tax and reduce our burden we will serve you.  The new king consulted his father’s cabinet of advisers.  They replied if you will serve the people and answer to them in a favorable manner they will serve you.  The king dismissed the advisers and called in his own cabinet of young advisers and asked them how they would respond.  They said; answer them this way, my father’s tax is like a feather compared to the tax and the burden I shall lay upon you.  Three days later he called the assembly together and said.  You say my father’s tax is too heavy, wait for you haven’t seen taxes yet.  His taxes will seem like a feather compared to mine.
So the assembly of elders responded we have no allegiance to you and no part in your government and upon departing they severed the county into two Kingdoms that to this day has not been reunited.  (roughly paraphrased from 1Kings12:1 through 17)
So is this nation on a dangerous course and the State of California is leading the way.  This state government is not interested in doing their duty to make certain that this government is operationally sound.  It is not interested in making certain that it functions efficiently and effectively.  Their only goal is to cut open the goose that laid the golden egg to get the gold now.  In the end they will have nothing but a rotting corpse.  If this is to be the end of California then it may serve a greater purpose nationally.  Let us take note of what is happening here and stop it here so that the rest of the nation is not destroyed.  In the end if California looses a significant proportion of its population all the better that it be redistributed to other states and bring some balance back.  Having one state that is the 600 pound gorilla pushing its weight around especially with the messed up values of our current Senators and some of our House members is not good for the Nation as a whole.
The solution in California, cut the budget by cutting things like the Waste Board, The Coastal Commission, the State office of Education, State salaries and pensions, closing programs that produce few if any benefits, eliminating redundant functions and trimming the government down to the essentials of protection, transportation, and resource management to name three and you will save this state.  But it will take a very strong and heroic governor and legislature to accomplish this.

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