The first amendment is dying


David Ray Ritcheson Hate Crime Prevention Act (Introduced in House)If this bill passes we can kiss our free speech rights good by.  While rapacious inflammatory speech is hard to hear and can be unfair and can even incite people to do horrable things it is still protected under the first amendment.  This is a fundamental right our founding fathers made certain to protect. Yet the Democrat majority has introduced this bill to wipe out our freedoms.  If this bill passes we will be inviolation of federal law if we speakout against any form of sexual perverson.  No longer can our ministers, rabbis, priests, or other religious leaders speak against the morally perverse.  We cannot defend our position or point of view because if we do we will be guilty of a federal fellony under this law.  Speak out loud stop this billA very small minority of this nation is pushing legalizing homosexual and lesbian marrage.  They are very loud, they have the most powerful media giants behind them.  These are the very same people who are pushing this bill.  It is their goal to not make this the united states of america with a moral standard based on an eternal truth that is above and beyond our own wisdon but the immoral polarized states of america.  Rudderless with only our own wisdom to guide us and no moral standard.  We will be adrift in the sea of time with those who believe that man is the only intelligent being, man is god.  If that is true then Hitler was god, Stallin was god, all the murders and rapists and evil people of this world are or were god.  No No a thousand times no.  The nature of man when left to himself is evil.  This, history teaches us.  But if we take the bible as a standard the balance by which we weigh good and evil.  We will have guidance and direction for the future.  Work hard to defeat this bill now.