The failure of the Demorats.

Congress and principally the Democrats are responsible for the financial failure. How so, it is the responsibility of Congress to manage the welfare and well being of the nation.  If any member of congress is made aware that there is a great potential for an aspect of the financial market to cause major failure then it is that congresspersons responsibility to speak out long and hard and raise the alarm if not author the legislation that would correct the problem.  But the Democrats not only authored the legislation that caused the problem they propagated that problem legislation into a major financial fiasco that then refused to do anything about it.  Instead using it as a club against the Republicans. And the Republicans not only let them do it but have spoken out with such lack of skill that they have been greatly saddled with the blame.  After all big banks , big business republicans?  Not on your life.  To this day the Democrats are still trying to promote high risk home loans and will soon make the US government the primary provider of such loans to the American public using tax dollars.  So all I have to say is be prepared to be broke be prepared to be very very broke.