Socialized Medicine Health Care Alert

As I listen and read about the continuous flow of legislation, and the renumbering and relocating to the inside of other bills of some of the spending and budget bills as well as others, I am exceedingly nervous about the increase in activity about the inclusion and vote on any bill which will, in effect start this “National Health Care” scenario.

What I find most interesting is the fact that for years we have heard from pro-choice groups about the right to “not have government” or any other entity tell us what to do or not to do with our “bodies.” Yet with socialized medicine that is exactly what we will get and I wonder where all the pro-choice folks are; after all there will be apparently panels and groups who will decide, based even on cost effectiveness, the treatment options available to a particular patient as well as whether medications prescribed by the doctor for any particular patient can be used.

Why doesn’t this bother the “pro-choice” folks?

For many of our younger citizens, using the health care system has not been a factor due to age. As we get older and have to see our doctor for various reasons, we all find varying things happening, some of which get us aggravated and then the utopian idea of a “failed everywhere it has been tried” national health care program seems like what we want.

Americans sometimes have short memories. Some complain now of our health care system which is the best, bar none. It is hard to comprehend what a five month or longer wait would be for someone who is in pain, can’t walk or stand at work all day, because their knee needs surgery but then there is that pool of patients that the “committee” has to look at and this takes months and months. If the patient loses their job and function of their leg in the meantime, then it is just “tough” for the patient. After all the new system is free and available to all. I also forgot to mention those evil and profit motivated doctors who can’t hire an adequate office staff or keep the doors to the office open, because the cost of doing business is not met by the new fees paid by the single payor in the sky.

The folks have no idea of what is about to hit them and then it will be too late. This is irreversible; our new socialized health care which has failed everywhere else.

I hope all Americans really think this out, look at the facts, and stop complaining about our system now, imperfect yes, but for the most part it doesn’t tell us what to do with our own or our children’s health, there aren’t life threatening waits for tests and doctors, and has been a successful system in the USA