Rush is in trouble and what are we doing about it?

There is a coordinated effort happening as we speak to destroy Rush Limbaugh. The Left is working overtime, contacting all of Rush’s advertisers, and is actually having considerable success. Proflowers and Carbonite are just the latest in this battle. But what are doing to help defend Rush???

I understood the point that Rush was trying to make, but thought it was not a good move overall. That doesn’t matter. We can all agree or disagree on the wisdom or the optics of the Fluke incident. It is NOT important. What is important is that Rush, who has been on our side for decades, and has helped the conservative cause immensely through this time is in a fight of his life against the organized Leftists hordes going after his income now, and no doubt his job. So whether we think it was a mistake or not, Rush does not deserve for us to just stand on the sidelines and do nothing as he is being assaulted non-stop.

These advertisers are only hearing from ONE side! The LEFT. That is the reason they are cutting and running. When you are suddenly swamped with angry, frothing at the mouth, Leftist mob, making thousands upon thousands of calls and disrupting your customer service, you tend to believe that the whole country is out to get you. Leftist nutcases are now even going after Armed Forces Radio, trying to get Rush off of there.

If the Left is the only side fighting this thing, there is a chance they will succeed. This drummed up false outrage is threatening one of the best friends the Conservative Movement has. And what are we doing about it? Why are we not coordinating efforts to contact these advertisers in support of Rush??? Let’s do it. Twitter and Facebook the information to your friends and relatives. Let’s fight back!

Here is where you can start and remember do not be angry, be polite, but try to make the case that Rush deserves their business as he’d been promoting them and giving them good business through his program for years upon years. We are outraged that at the first hint of pressure they dropped like cowards. Make the case that the people who are calling them against Rush were never really their customers, but are being egged on by a manufactured campaign from the Left – link them to diaries if you wish that buttresses your case

BREAKING-ER!!!: Second [THIRD…SIXTH/now SEVENTH!] sponsors drop Rush! Umpteen updates & Cee Lo!

Look what I just got from the president of Carbonite (Rush sponsor)

How to take action against Limbaugh at the local level

We’re not done yet: My letter to Proflowers.com about their support of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh losing advertisers, keep up the good work!

Proflowers: Contact Form / Feedback email

Carbonite: 877-665-4466 (toll free) Corporate Headquarters

Sleep Train Mattresses: Email them at: [email protected]
Select Comfort Corporation, makers of the Sleep Number Bed – email them here or here is their contact page
Quicken Loans: Client Relations Phone # (800) 863-4332. Their contact page is here.
The Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Basketball team on Twitter or Facebook
Citrix, makers of GoToMyPC: email address or customer service phone: 800-424-8749 (Mon-Fri)
LegalZoom.com : here is their contact page

Also, like I mentioned, there is a campaign directed at Secretary Panetta – Secretary Panetta, pull Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio now – that should be answered as well. If you have any good ideas, please contribute them here.