An ad Romney needs to run

All Mitt needs to run is this:

First 10 seconds – Obama talking about economy, jobs, taxes, Europe.

Next 20 seconds – Santorum talking about contraception, protestant churches, gay marriage, the devil, women in the workplace.

Finishing this ad you can go in multiple directions – but something to the effect of – is this how you want to defeat Obama in 2012?

Santorum is like Rip Van Winkle out of the 50s. While I salute the courage of his convictions, his ideas have not been the ideas of majority of Americans for quite some time, and he just hasn’t woken up to that reality.

Mitt Romney needs to gives him a rude awakening. This will not be a social issues election but that’s what Obama will make it look like coming from Santorum. And Santorum is not helping it with the constant stream of irrelevancies coming out of his unelectable mouth. Time to focus on economy and the jobs, and not on Satan attacking America.