New NBC/Marist Poll in FL - Romney ahead by 15.

Romney leads Newt Gingrich by 15 points, 42 percent to 27 percent in the crucial state. Rick Santorum is third with 16 percent, followed by Ron Paul with 11 percent. Just 4 percent said they were undecided.

A New NBC/Marist Poll in FL shows that Mitt Romney is potentially heading to a crushing victory. There is a big gender gap, and Romney is running even with Gingrich among Tea Party supporters. The polls a couple days before this one showed Romney ahead by 8-9 points.

As for Santorum factor:

But Gingrich would have a hard time arguing that a majority is voting against Romney, and that if Santorum were not in the race, he would win. When Santorum is removed from the equation, his vote splits off evenly between Romney and Gingrich — and Romney leads Gingrich by an even wider 16-point margin, 49-33 percent.

If Romney wins this convincingly, it could be what it takes for an easy path to nomination. Then we can all unite and focus on the real enemy.