Asking us to support your candidate by denigrating ours.

I’ve supported Romney from the start of the primary season. However I’ve felt good about other candidates and flirted with switching my #1 many times. Like many other conservative republicans (yeah yeah I am somewhat socially moderate but I do support social conservatives with no problems) I’ve desired the most conservative possible candidate that was also intelligent, viable, and attractive to the American electorate. Thus I’ve supported, sometimes as #1 both Newt and Perry, and was positive towards Cain and Bachmann. Like many other conservatives, I disliked Huntsman’s campaign style, and well he obviously wasn’t viable.

As other candidates disappointed me in turn, I kept turning back to Romney. I’ve explained why I supported him in my previous diary “I support Mitt Romney”. However what frustrates me on Redstate is not the obvious lack of support for Romney, he certainly does not have a great track of conservative accomplishments, given that he was a governor of MA, but the amount of denigrating and insulting invective being thrown in both his and his supporters direction.

Romneybots is one of the milder descriptors being used towards people like me, simply for being a part of 20-30% consistent Republican supporters of a Republican presidential candidate. It’s often a lot worse. Do you think that we would be persuaded to support your candidate if you cast doubt on our own personal conservative credentials, and claim that we are blind and unthinking?

Also Romney is seemingly the only candidate that some of you claim you would never vote for, including the general election. In the various public polls, of the Republicans in the general population, outside of this site, it is the opposite as Romney is the most acceptable candidate with the smallest percentage of Republicans not willing to vote for him if he is the nominee.

Some examples of what is said about Mitt Romney:

“He is mr. 1 % incarnate.” 

“Why does the GOP go to the last loser? Loser should be the last one you would want to run this time?”

“Romney, on the same hand, wears a deceptive and vile mask which can and does fool the uniformed.”

“He’s scum.”

“…no conservative should vote for Romney if he is ordained by the establishment with the nomination.”

 “We should always vote for the candidate with the most conservative principles – that will be the libertarian in the above race if it is Romney”

“You Romney supporters are increasingly making it clear who your candidate is: a lowlife thug in an Armani suit… Mitt Romney is a scumbag, and his methods are beneath the office he seeks.”

“So, I’m wondering: where’s the bounty on Magic Underwear RomeyCare’s sex scandal. Is he really that squeaky clean?”

“Romney is a lying, liberal scumbag who is buying the election and is being added by the moderate filth in the Republican Party that has sold this Country to the leftist traitors like Reid, Pelosi and the Marxist Obama. May they all burn in Hell.”

I could go on, but I think I’ve got enough – and that’s just in the last few days. I understand it was a lot worse a few weeks and months ago. Pleasant stuff. I feel a tingle up my leg to quickly dump Romney and move on to the true conservatives in the race.

A lot is said of Romney’s negative attacks and of his surrogates and supporters, but if you just step outside your narrow view and think of how all this stuff is playing to the Romney’s Republican (many conservative) supporters, perhaps you will watch what you say when you try to persuade us to support your candidate.

For the record, I will support Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum if either one becomes our nominee. I will even be enthusiastic about Gingrich, water under the bridge and all that. But for now it’s game on and Florida here we come!