I support Mitt Romney

A little background about myself:

I emigrated from USSR as a child, work as IT director in NY, reside in FL where I own a house with my wife. I’ve voted republican since 1996 (first able to vote), but paid attention to politics since 1992 or so. 1994 will always be synonymous with Newt to me. He was my hero. It was about that time when I, as a college freshman joined College Republicans. Back then I was socially conservative but slowly moved away from that on the issues of abortion and gay marriage, especially in the recent years. I’ve always been conservative on Economics and Defense and like I said, I’ve never voted Democrat. I also never considered myself a moderate republican. As I was strongly influenced by objectivism, I would consider myself quite right wing on the morality of capitalism and strong national defense in our, American, interests.

I supported Mitt Romney in 2008 as an alternative to McCain for all the many reasons other conservatives supported him back then. He was a successful governor of a leftist state who did not govern as a leftist. That told me that given hostile waters he can swim, and swim strongly against the current. He was a pro-business, competent executive who also implemented an individual mandate health care reform back when many people on the Right supported it. I did not see it as a problem then, and I don’t see it as a problem now.

When our country is slowly sliding towards a statist socialist government, led by a president of a party whose electoral success is dependent on making more people carried and supported by that government, I see no better candidate than Mitt Romney to defend capitalism. Defense of capitalism is crucial to our survival as a nation as most of our problem are caused by an ever growing and encroaching government, destroying our businesses ability to compete on the global stage. We don’t need aspiring populists to carry the torch for the so-called “destruction of the middle class” or try to make alliances with the worthless Occupiers. We need someone who embodies the morality of capitalism as the best economic system on Earth.

As someone who is both a businessman, and governed as a capitalist, Mitt Romney is infinitely more qualified as a Top Executive than any of the other candidates. We don’t need to start off with ideological solutions of tax cuts or new tax codes. What we need is a pragmatic managerial mind who can think of how we can start dismantling all the new layers of government that Obama created, and start diminishing the size of our government again. We don’t need sharp one liner sloganeering for the base, but we need non-ideological solutions that work.

Mitt Romney is not as ideological as Newt Gingrich, it’s true. But I don’t want him to be. Our problems are not simplistic and we are in a world full of hurt. We need someone who can think and devise solutions. Mitt Romney is the executive we need.

I supported Mitt in 2008 and I support him now, without any reservations. Sure I will vote for Newt if he is our nominee, and I love all the red meat coming out of his mouth as much as the next guy, but I prefer a better candidate and a solid conservative on the issue that matters – defense of Capitalism.