2 New SC Polls show Romney ahead

New Rasmussen that came out today has:

28% Romney
21% Gingrich
16% Santorum
16% Paul
6% Perry
5% Huntsman

And new ARG has:

29% Romney
25% Gingrich
20% Paul
9% Perry
7% Santorum
1% Huntsman

The polls are similar in the 1-2-3 spots with Gingrich slightly behind, though more behind than some of previous polls, specifically Insider Advantage poll where Romney was only up by 2. Also Santorum and Perry are unstable depending on the poll, though no real surge is evident for Santorum. Huntsman also made no headway.

If after the initial negative anti-Romney attacks have not dented his lead, I am a bit more confident in his ability to fend off the Bain attacks and win SC. As a Romney supporter and a pro-capitalist conservative I fully agree with Rush Limbaugh, that attacks on Romney should be coming from the Right. Before Gingrich started the leftist attacks, I liked the man all the way from 1994. But he left a bad taste in my mouth.