Now is the Time

We are staring into the abyss of Government controlled Healthcare and the Democrats are incredibly close to pushing us in. This weekend is like an emergency room visit and it is almost at a point where only our will and determination has any last chance to succeed in blocking this monstrosity. The Obama administration has had many opportunities in the MSM to present their point of view and to paint the situation on their terms. Has our side really had the same opportunity to present ours? Can we really compete with the power of the State of the Union or his previous major addresses to the country?

In my view the GOP has not had an equal opportunity to present an opposing view, at least not with the same potential power. The steady drumbeat of “something must be done to reform healthcare” has taken this despicable Bill to where it is today – just a few days away from being passed.

It is GOP’s last chance to present our point of view before the last democratic undecideds make up their mind under duress from their leadership.

GOP must immediately tell the media that the import of this legislation is so great, and the chance of affecting our culture and our way of life so huge, that we are owed one last Prime Time appeal to the American Public and indeed to the Members of Congress that is similar to what the Obama Administration has been accorded. Give us one more chance to describe how our country will be affected if this legislation is pushed through. GOP must demand, due to the critical and time sensitive nature of this situation, that they allow us to put someone likable, like Scott Brown, in front of the viewers on Friday or Saturday night on all the networks for this last appeal to the Nation. We must be able to make our case one last time – or are we not allowed our Closing Arguments? Fairness demands it.

I fear that if this step is not taken, our chances of stopping the healthcare overhaul are getting slimmer by the minute. Are we not owed equal time? GOP has to demand this.