A sinister joke with Real World implications

Very few people, aside from the leftist kooks living in the lala land, really believe that President Obama has done anything that merits a supposed honor that a Nobel Peace Price bestows. Putting the political joke of the Nobel Peace Price itself aside, as well as disregarding the previous recipients (Terrorist Arafat, Anti-Semite Carter, Environmentalist Fairy Gore, North Korean Peace Lover Kim Jong Il, etc), and knowing the true nature of the award being in the hands of serious America haters we should understand the potential real world implications of such an award given to our first Black President.

Not being one of President Obama’s biggest supporters I’d like to share a few of my initial impressions of what this means, and it definitely means something. President Obama has not done anything yet to advance the vacuous and disingenuous “cause of world-wide Peace” but there are quite a few big decisions on his enormous plate that are looming over our future.

This award comes right before a hugely important decision on Afghanistan is due. We are at the fork where we will either slowly start abandoning our fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, or we will inject the much needed and requested troops into the fight where a chance of winning depends on manpower levels and proper unyielding strategy. This award (or rather the forces behind it) squarely aim to undermine the proper course as unpeaceful.

This award comes at a time when US is engaged on many fronts in the fight against Islamic Extremism and is designed to put a disingenuous thread of shame into any argument defending our war. It was given to undermine the pragmatic continuation of many of our policies from the Bush administration as if to say – “Hey Barack, you are better than this. Be a peacemaker and learn to live with the Islamic Extremists. They are not that bad.”

Ultimately this award is an advance on future policy. A fundamentally anti-American future policy as the people behind the award continuously demonstrated. We will now see how our President responds given this not so subtle push into a very wrong direction.

If you have a shred of decency Mr. President, do not follow on that path.