A Modest Proposal for Social Change

Social Conservatives mostly oppose abortion, while Liberals mostly support the right to have one. There are few areas of agreement on the subject between the two sides. I have no interest in addressing the subject directy but have an idea that may appeal to most people no matter your views.

The idea of paying for someone else’s abortion is very objectionable to most people, but at the same time the idea of paying for raising someone else’s child that could not have been afforded is, while not as morally objectionable, very unfair and financially painful.

There is a both moral and financially conscious way of taking care of both problems. The government should offer $10,000 (amount modifiable) for any woman voluntarily deciding to undergo a Tubal Ligation surgery (surgical sterilization technique for women). The benefits of such an approach are great. Consider this:

  • Lower Class women who have children and can barely afford to take care of what they already have will get a nice bonus and the government will not need to subsidize any new ones.
  • Middle Class women who don’t want to worry about the future moral decisions in case of an accidental pregnancy.
  • Those who oppose the choice of abortion on moral grounds will see the amount of abortions drop as the amount of pregnancies will drop.
  • Those who care about the poor will see less suffering and less unwanted children.
  • The taxpayers would benefit the most as the cost of raising a child is easily above a quarter of million right now, and will only go up. The amount of children our government has to subsidize is enormous.
  • Crime would go down, since as we all know that a majority of criminals come from the kind of households that produce the most unwanted babies.

The voluntary nature of this proposal, applying to all American women, would ensure that no one could claim discrimination or population control, while providing a civilized way of reducing the number of unwanted babies, abortions, suffering, and governmental waste. It is much less controversial than trying to reduce child assistance to those who keep having babies, or to subsidize abortions. It will save taxpayers a huge amount of money as well as reduce crime in the future.

Tell me why this would not work?