The fallacy of "democratically elected" mantra.

In the American New Left’s eyes, being “democratically elected” absolves you of all evil past, present and future and grants teflon legitimacy impervious to criticism. If you dare to question the actions of the democratically elected leftists (yes it only applies to the Left or terrorists) you will be castigated as an authoritarian fascist.

We’ve seen it with the Left’s insistence on negotiations with Hamas, their love affair with Chavez, and now their new hero – the freshly deposed President Zelaya of Honduras.

To rationally thinking this is nothing but putting lipstick on a pig, which in the above cases is truly insulting to pigs.

Hamas is a terrorist group and their “democratic win” was preceded by terrorism, and followed by terrorism to cement their adherence to democratic principles. Yet the Left screams at both our and Israeli leaders to negotiate with them in good faith and to recognize them because after all they were elected.

Chavez is a authoritarian thug who while winning presidential vote twice (purportedly) has moved to consolidate power and abolish term limits, while suppressing the opposition and packing all elements of government with his own people. Yet the Left excuses it all due to him being “democratically elected” and more insidiously for his communist agenda.

Zelaya, a friend of Chavez, is a wannabe thug. Unfortunately for him, he did not have Chavez’s popularity – even his own party hated him, but his designs on power were the same. He tried to illegally force a referendum on whether the constitution should be changed for him to be able to run again. It’s a common theme in the developing world – thuggish presidents want to hold on to power for as long as possible and by whatever means possible. Obama and the Left immediately started the chant of “democratically elected” and how Democracy must be restored. How much longer will it be until Chavez is spending nights in the Lincoln bedroom?

Democratic elections are neutral tools to let the people decide who should be their leader. They do not grant legitimacy nor absolve all acts, past, present or future. Nor do they turn dictators into freedom loving leaders. Democratic elections do not grant moral value to the people being elected, it is their actions that do.

I just wish that Obama’s committment to “democracy” was the same in the case of Iran.