To My RedState Cohorts!!!! You've been great! By mrseb, mrsemptybucket, etc

Hi to all of you. The past few years I have greatly missed conversing with many of you and also arguing with some others. Those who know my teeny bit of a fiesty personality also know that I always wrote honestly. To me it makes no sense to write a bunch of nonsense and pretend it is fact or even close to factual. Have always been a “gonna say it truthfully or shut my mouth” kind of lady.

During 2013 2014 and up to now my lung disease has taken a new path. As a result am pretty much not functioning in any kind of a normal way.  At the present the doctors and my family are trying to give me back some type of quality of life and to my utter surprise our only son posted a gofundme page the other night. He said, “ma don’t read it because I was very blunt and honest.”

That statement alone makes me feel proud as Arnold (son) is an honest man with very deep convictions and a Believer in Jesus.  His father, John is also a Godly man with a quiet faith that anyone with eyes can see.

Using the computer is hard for me as my nerves are shot. They discharged me from the hospital last Thursday and basically said you are at the end of your life, good luck.  Kind of shook me up as I hadn’t expected such an aloof, blunt way of being told I’m dying. Turns out that the 5 days of grueling anxiety was withdrawals from the Ativan I was given for 3 weeks. The discharge doctor didn’t bother to prescribe some to help eventually stop it. Oh boy, I would not like to live through those 5 days again.  Nor have my beloved husband suffer the torture of not being able to help me.

Doctor Monday gave me a script and the terrible anxiety is pretty much controlled. Now I just cry alot for all kinds of reasons.

Why am I writing this? I would not want to go without telling those of you I know that it was fun and I still pray for you. I’d like the RedState moderators to know that I generally thought they were wonderful and for the most part were wonderful to me. In the beginning I made a bunch of goofs but the RedState community just straightened me out without being mean about it. Meant a great deal to me.

Redstate has meant a great deal to me and I have missed being able to talk here everyday.

As a last comment, is there anyone who would be willing to try and get our son’s gofundme page more visible? Please help spread the word if you can, please. My nebulized medications are expensive. One that I have to take every other month is $11,000. We have some help with that one but there are 3 others.

I guess this is good bye, hope some of you remember me in a positive way and that I was a woman of faith. I sincerely hope that all of you find yourself in a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.

with much Love in my heart, Mrseb, Laney, Mrs. ElaineAnne Button


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