An Obama Alphabet - Help Us Hone It To Perfection! by Mr.&Mrs. Emptybucket

There are evenings Mr. and I just sit around and talk. Yep, even after 45 years we still spend whole evenings together. I had been working on my Obama Alphabet but got stuck and tonight asked for his help. You might be able to pick out the letters he helped me with. We managed to do every letter but are anticipating RedStaters help in honing the list to ultimate perfection.

Due to the subject matter think everyone should consider this an Open Thread. Now don’t let us down – put your thinking caps on.


The Obama Alphabet – use the noun Obama before each phrase. Was written to be spoken out loud. Have Fun.


A wishes his conversion name change was AbdOOL
B our CIC wants to just forget about BenghaZOOL
C will do anything with Liberal TV to look Cool
D makes the Liberal media tingle and Drool
E actions and deeds suggest he is an ExtraterrastOOL
F just may be the definition of Fool
G is a scrooge feeding us last year’s GrOOL
H has made his game of golf almost HabitiOOL
I does not favorthe the rights of the IndividOOL
J is less Precious than a simulated JewOOL
K doesn’t know his stance & policies are KamikazOOL
L was the ultra left’s green eggs and spam LiberOOL
M is more stubborn than a braying Mule
N finds blaming G.W. comes most NaturOOL
O will gut our military till it’s barely OperatioNOOL
P absolutely hates the FoxNews report Pool
Q the egotist, narcissist, elitist, super QuintessentOOL
R has decided the only way is his Rule
S is MIA and Clint’s empty Stool
T thinks his pen is such a mighty Tool
U wants to be Secretary of the UNirule
V wants to control the message in your church Vestibule
W doesn’t know his policies are already up his WazzOOL
X has more wrong notes than an upside down XylopFOOL
Y is adverse to us celebrating the Christmas Yule
Z hides as a drone in his fridge piloted by Zuul


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